CAS# 22457-89-2


Benfotiamine (S-Benzoylthiamine O-monophosphate) is a synthetic derivative of Thiamine (Vitamin B1). It is primarily used as an antioxidant dietary supplement, as well as a way to treat diabetic neuropathy.

CAS# 22457-89-2

Dietary Supplement

Available in 99%

Country of Origin: China

Packaging: 25kg

Characteristic Typical Analysis

  • Description: White/light yellow crystalline powder
  • Chlorides: NMT 0.053%
  • Sulphate: NMT 0.011%
  • Heavy Metal: NMT 0.002%
  • Loss on Drying: NMT 1.5%
  • Benzoic Acid: NMT 0.1%
  • Thiamine: NMT 0.1%
  • Total Impurities: NMT 1.0%

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and direct sun light

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