Alpha-GPC 50%

CAS# 28319-77-9

Alpha-GPC essentially is one of the best nootropic supplements used by contract manufacturers in formulations. It is short for Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphatidylcholine also known as Choline Alphoscerate. It contains Choline, a nootropic compound, that essentially helps with cognitive functions and benefits brain health. Alpha-GPC is believed to increase a chemical in the brain called Acetylcholine which is a neurotransmitter that helps the brain to send signals to nerves throughout the body. It has an important role in memory and learning functions.

Natural sources of Alpha-GPC are generally in red meat products, organ tissue and wheat germs however scarce amounts can be derived from these sources. Industrial production of Alpha-GPC dietary supplement is done synthetically from egg or soy lecithin. Basically, Alpha-GPC is released when a fatty acid found in soy breaks down.

Summary of Alpha-GPC CAS# 28319-77-9:
• A nootropic dietary supplement
• Synthetically derived from egg or soy lecithin
• Helps improve memory and learning functions
• Average oral dosage is 1200 mg daily
• Needs to be stored in airtight containers

Oral supplementation of Alpha-GPC is beneficial for improving memory, thinking skills and learning. Studies are being conducted to investigate the efficacy for cognitive disorders including stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies also indicate that Alpha-GPC enable greater synaptic plasticity in the brain which affects how neurons communicate with one another improving memory, learning capacity and retention.

The standard dosage of Alpha-GPC suggested by various studies 1,200 mg daily that can be taken in interval of 3 doses of 400mgs. This dosage is suggested to improve cognitive function and slow down decline.

Alpha-GPC is GRAS-affirmed by FDA which means that it is Generally Recognized As Safe.

A&A Pharmachem offers bulk Alpha-GPC 50% ( CAS# 28319-77-9) in various forms; Non GMO, etc. Higher purities make Alpha-GPC very hard to store properly as it draws moisture from the air around it. Bulk Alpha-GPC is recommended to be stored in air tight containers.

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