Cochineal/Carmine Natural Colours

Orange – Red – Violet – Purple


Carmine is one of the most stable natural colours on the market, and is a solid alternative to artificial colours. Carmine has a vibrant red hue and is found in a multitude of products, including meat, ice cream, beverages, and dairy products. Different shades can be obtained ranging from bright red to deep purple, based on the extraction method used.

Carmine is derived from the Chochineal insect which is found in various parts of South America. The insects produced a chemical known as carminic acid, which is used to create these natural colours.

All natural colours can be combined and blended, in order to create the desired colour. Please contact us with any special requests, and we will be happy to assist you.

Available in Carminic Acid Powder/Liquid and Carmine Powder/Liquid

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