Goji Extract

CAS# 85085-46-7


Goji berries (also known as wolfberry) are bright orange berries from shrubs in China. Goji berries give you a feeling of well being and calmness, as well as helping quality of sleep and weight loss.

CAS# 85085-46-7

Nutraceutical Ingredient

Available in Polysaccharides 20% – 90%

Country of Origin: China

Packaging: 25kg

Characteristic Typical Analysis

  • Description: Brown/yellow fine powder
  • Sieve Analysis: 100% pass 80 mesh
  • Loss on Drying: 5% Max
  • Ash: 5% Max
  • Sulphate: 0.5% Max
  • Insolubles In Ethanol: 10ppm Max
  • Ethanol Resides: 0.2% Max
  • Arsenic: NMT 2ppm
  • Cadmium: NMT 1ppm
  • Lead: NMT 1ppm
  • Chlorate: NMT 1ppm
  • Phosphate Organics: NMT 1ppm
  • Heavy Metals: 10ppm Max
  • Pesticides Residues: NMT 1ppm

Storage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisture

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