BCAA’s: Why do you need them to grow stronger? Part 2/2

Uses of BCAA

Welcome back! In Part:1 we discussed the benefits of a BCAA complex and why you would supplement specific amino acids. In Part:2 we’re going to break down how to use them properly?

Just like any other supplement such as creatine or protein, BCAA will be best utilized if the product is taken at the correct time in the most appropriate dosage.

As we know, BCAA complex’ are taken in order to enhance performance in the gym and improve recovery time. The combination of leucine, valine and isoleucine provide one of the most complete formulas for enhancing muscle metabolism and increasing energy while you workout.

What is BCAA’s Best Used For?

benefits of BCAA

Stimulate Muscle Protein Synthesis

We know that each amino acid serves a specific purpose in the body, but at what time should you supplement your BCAA and in what formula works best?

The first and perhaps most important reason why you should supplement a BCAA is to increase the rate of muscle protein synthesis. This is the mechanism that allows for muscle recovery after a workout. A BCAA complex, especially one rich in Leucine will provide a great stimulation of muscle protein synthesis and lead to faster recovery and greater muscle development.

For best results try to supplement your Instant BCAA complex Post-Workout (within a 30-45 min window) and prior to bed.

Post-workout will help to metabolize the amino acids and go to work on recovery right away while pre-sleep amino acids will help to increase blood amino acid levels during sleep – which will provide a potential for 6-8 hours of effective recovery time.

Pre-Workout Energy

BCAA complex’ that contain a high amount of Isoleucine can work very well as a pre-workout amplifier, especially when combined with L-citrulline (another amino acid). The added amino acids like leucine and valine will help to stimulate muscle recovery during a training session, drastically enhancing your potential for growth and recovery.

For best results, you can create your own pre-workout formula that contains a wide variety of amino acids, strength amplifiers, stimulants and other important tools to enhance performance – perfect for those looking to take their workouts to the next level, or for trainers who want to market their own product.

BCAA In Review

Whatever your goal, if you like to exercise and value performance and strength, BCAAs should be a critical contender in your list of potent and effective products.

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