MCT Oil Powders

Medium Chain Triglycerides, in short MCT, are fats that are found in products like Coconuts, dairy etc. MCT is easily digested by the body. MCT’s are considered as healthy fats which have positive health benefits like weight loss, increasing healthy cholesterol levels, decrease in appetite, lower blood pressure etc.   Coconut oil is one of

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A&A Pharmachem Nettle Root Extract 95% Powder
Nettle Root Extract 95%

Nettle Root extract powder CAS# 84012-40-8 is also known as Nettle HPE 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran. The latin name is Urtica fissa E. Pritz and is a perennial herb native to China and is available in the rain forest regions. The active ingredient is 3,4 –divanillyltetrahydrofuran and the powder is brown in color. Also commonly known as Stinging

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A&A Pharmachem Alpha-GPC
Alpha-GPC 50%

Alpha-GPC essentially is one of the best nootropic supplements used by contract manufacturers in formulations. It is short for Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphatidylcholine also known as Choline Alphoscerate. It contains Choline, a nootropic compound, that essentially helps with cognitive functions and benefits brain health. Alpha-GPC is believed to increase a chemical in the brain called Acetylcholine which

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Beta Alanine

β-Alanine or Beta Alanine ( CAS# 107-95-9) is a key ingredient used in sports nutrition products or supplements. Contract manufacturers and sports nutrition brands widely formulate Beta Alanine in the pre-workout sports nutrition products. Beta-alanine is primarily used for improving athletic performance and exercise capacity building lean muscle mass. It is a popular supplement widely

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L-Tyrosine (CAS# 60-18-4) is a type of amino acid and dietary supplement that is growing in use. L-Tyrosine is a precursor of catecholamines and influences the synthesis of dopamine and adrenaline. Manufacturers use this dietary supplement in Nootropic products that improve alertness, attention and focus. L-tyrosine has also been reported to have positive effects in

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