Creatine for Strength and Size Part 2/2

Uses of Creatine

Welcome back! In our last Creatine post we touched on the importance of Creatine for a strength enhancement supplement.

As you know, supplemented creatine can help to replenish phosphocreatine stores and accelerate the process of creatine new ATP, but to what extent can we use creatine to help us recover faster?

Many of us are fixated on protein supplementation for recovery because a high amount can help to signal muscle protein synthesis – the precursor to recovery.

Can Creatine help in this same way, and how can you maximize your supplementation of Creatine to enhance strength?

What are the forms of Creatine

One of the best components of Creatine supplementation is that it that supplementing it comes at a very low cost – it’s virtually calorie free, and there are generally no side effects.

For this reason, many people will look to “load” creatine for 4-6 weeks to help their body draw in as much phosphocreatine as possible – you may also want to use this as an opportunity to bulk; changing your routine to suit strength, rather than tone.

Loading creatine can work, but most research on creatine has been conducted from the standpoint of supplementing 5-7g daily (on training days). In this way you will provide your body with plenty of available creatine to draw from for long, exhaustive workouts with heavy weights.

Taking Creatine Further
Those looking for an extra edge over the competition may want to know how they can boost performance even further by combining with other potent products. One of the best supplements to combine with creatine is L-Citrulline.

L-Citrulline is an amino acid that helps to reduce muscular fatigue. It is generally put in pre-workout blends to help consumers train through longer and more exhaustive training sets.

Combining Creatine and Citrulline is one of the best combinations you can have for pre-workout energy and recovery. Those looking to buy bulk orders of creatine can look to our premium blend of Creatine monohydrate – or if you’re one of the few bold enough to create their own blend, be sure to contact us – we’ll help you through the entire process!

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