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What does MCT oil powder do?

MCT oil powder is an effective way for achieve weight loss and increase overall energy levels. The full form of MCT is medium-chain triglyceride. Typically, MCT oil and MCT oil powder is processed from Coconut and contains unique fatty acids. MCT refers to medium-chain triglycerides that sit in the middle of the other two types – Short –chain and Long chain. MCT is made up of 6 to 12 carbon atoms and are processed by the body in a different way to long-chain fatty acids. MCT’s are processed by the stomach and they go straight to the liver unlike other fatty acids. These fatty acids boost the metabolic rate of the body reducing appetite or craving thus leading to weight loss.

Is MCT oil or MCT Powder better?

Both the forms of MCT are very good dietary supplements. MCT oil version is more concentrated and may affect digestion and thus it is recommended to increase the dosage gradually to a full serving. MCT oil powder is more adjustable and agreeable to the digestive system which is the reason why a full serving can be consumed.

Is MCT Oil good for you?

A ketogenic diet can be boosted with MCT oil. The way the body absorbs the fatty acids makes it use most of it as energy and not store it as body fat.

What are the benefits of MCT powder?

Active persons sometimes consume MCT oil powders during workouts to increase exercise performance and more lean muscles. It helps to decrease body fat and promotes weight loss.

How can MCT powder be consumed?

MCT powder can be consumed by adding it on smoothies, coffee etc. It can also be added to pre-workout drinks for energy.
Another novel way is to freeze emulsified forms of MCT oils in the form of ice cubes which can then be added to beverages or smoothies.

What is the best way to consume MCT Powder?

• In the morning for energy and weight loss • Pre-workout for energy
• Bed time before sleeping which prevent hunger pangs during the night and blood sugar fluctuations

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