MCT Oil Powder – A growing trend!

What is MCT?

MCT or Medium-chain triglycerides are a special class of fatty acids with only 8-12 carbon atoms that can be found naturally in Coconut or palm kernel oil.

The is a growing trend of usage of MCT Oil powders in dietary supplements as Ketogenic Diets is gaining popularity. The sources of commercial MCT oil powder are usually Coconut oil and palm kernel oil. The most common applications for MCT oil powder are for dietary and health supplements.

The most common MCTs are caproic acid (lipid number C6), caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), and lauric acid (C12).

MCT is an excellent source of Ketogenic energy. It can offer some benefits of ketosis. Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. Some people encourage ketosis by following a diet called the ketogenic or low-carb diet.

MCT supplements can increase ketone levels as it is quickly converted due to a shorter carbon chain ( C8/C12) and can reduce the adverse symptoms that sometimes occur when starting a Keto diet. Other benefits may include improving gut health, controlling appetite, weight management.

High quality MCT oil has:
• Healthy powder source like Acacia Fiber
• Oil 100% from Coconuts
• Most efficient types of MCT’s : Caprylic (C8) and Capric Acid (C10)

MCT oil is vegan and is also available in a vegan version. The applications can be in Ready-to-drink products, beverages, protein powders, energy drinks and bars, gel packs, gummies etc.

Application Categories Sub-Categories 
Keto Diet formulas Weight Management 
Professional Keto FormulasLow/ Non -Net Carb Prebiotics / Clean label 
Sports Nutrition Mass gainer series, Protein powder blend
Other applications Bakery, Nutritional bars

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