Beta Alanine


in Pre-Workout Sport

β-Alanine or Beta Alanine ( CAS# 107-95-9) is a key ingredient used in sports nutrition products or supplements. Contract manufacturers and sports nutrition brands widely formulate Beta Alanine in the pre-workout sports nutrition products.

Beta-alanine is primarily used for improving athletic performance and exercise capacity building lean muscle mass. It is a popular supplement widely used by body builders and athletes for reducing fatigue, increasing endurance and boosting performance in high-intensity exercises.

Beta Alanine is a non-essential amino acid and a Carnosine precursor. However, the human body does not use Beta Alanine to synthesize proteins. It uses the supplement to produce carnosine which helps to improve exercise performance by reducing lactic acid accumulation.  Lactic acid accumulation is a part of natural defense mechanism of the body during high intensity exercises if muscles do not get sufficient oxygen to generate energy. Lactic acid accumulation results in a painful burning sensation in active muscles which may force the athlete to stop and let the muscle recover.

In Summary, Contract manufacturers can use Beta Alanine in sports nutrition supplements to benefit consumers
• Exercise for longer periods of time as it increases the time to exhaustion.
• Enhance performance during short duration high intensity exercises.
• Increase muscle endurance

Beta Alanine can be combined with other sports nutrition supplements like Creatine and Sodium Bicarbonate. Combination with Sodium Bicarbonate has shown a better reduction in acids in blood and muscle enhancing better exercise performance. Combination with Creatine has shown better lean muscle mass results.

Beta Alanine supplementation has been suggested for women who have lesser carnosine levels then men. It is also suggested for those who follow vegan diet as carnosine is only found naturally in meats.

Dosage recommendations: The standard dosage of Beta Alanine is 2-5 grams daily.

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